The SPI Mobile App is Now Accessible for Each iOS and Android!

Presently, about 8000 users use the appto more essentially consume SPI content on the go, which includes the most up-to-date and greatest fromThe SPI Podcast. TheThe Ask Pat Podcast,and the SPI Blog. A video component will be added in a later version for the reason that Ill be ramping up my video production in2015, which could even include a television show! Im still working out the particulars on that production, so thats all Im going to convey about that now. Hehe! Back to the app A whole lot of users have told me they use the app exclusively to consume SPI content, which is awesome.

My team & I spent a whole lot of time and resourcesbuilding it so the user experience is breathtaking, intuitive and handy.I hope youll take a moment to check it out. Heres a short video I produced to show you a lot of the features of the SPI mobile app, which highlight exactlywhat it can do for you: or you could watch the video here on YouTube instead Also, Ive been getting a considerable amount of compliments & questions aboutthe one of a kind landing page used to distribute the app: SPI App Landing Page The text me a link option is the 1st thing you might realize. To make this work, the page integratesa service calledTwilio,which makes it possible for me to senda download link directly to someones mobile device by means of SMSor text message, after they input their phone quantity. I dont gather the telephone numbers; Twilio just automatically delivers the right version of the download link iOS or Android dependent upon the type of mobile device they have.

The user experience design & development of the landing page is custom. In case you like it, have a want for it, And are aLeadPages user, then youll be happy to know that a new LeadPages template dependant on the SPI mobile app landing page will be made accessible soonin the New LeadPages Marketplace-just like how I had LeadPages include a template of theFoodTruckr Book Sales Page. A Little Favor Id Love to Ask You Im impressively proud of the SPI mobile app my team and I builtfor you. Thanks once more for checking it out.

Like I mentioned, its 100 free and I hope you take pleasure in it! Should you find value in the app & need to assistance it, Id be astonishingly grateful if youd up-vote it on todayTuesday, October 14. is an amazing community of product people building & sharing impressive products, largely techsoftware goods. Having the SPI mobile app included and shared in this community is a Vast DEAL. Click hereto view the SPI mobile app featured on

A up-vote called a hunt is not like an iTunes or Google Play evaluation. Its more like a Facebook like, & it matters a lot to the ranking of the app in the community. It takes 5 seconds to visit the page and hunt the SPI mobile app. Itd be a lot to me should you did.

Heres how to do it genuinely rapid: 1. Click here to be taken to the ProductHunt Page for the SPI App. 2. Up-Vote the product by clicking on the Up-Arrow or Up Tick above the amount of current.

Youll be asked to authenticate & sign-in by way of Twitter. After you do that, youll be taken back to the product page. Click on the up-vote 1 more time just to make sure your vote goes by means of. If the number goes down after you click once again, that indicates youre taking your vote back, hehe.